45 mile per hour couch potato greyhound adoption

The Top Ten Reasons To Adopt A Greyhound

  1. Greyhounds don’t need a lot of exercise. A couple of walks a day or a backyard is all most greyhounds need. While many enjoy the occasional good run, they really are 45mph couch potatoes.
  2. Greyhounds can adapt to a variety of lifestyles. Greyhounds are just as happy in a small apartment as they are in a big house. Many are good with children and with other pets, including cats.
  3. Greyhounds tend to be gentle and quiet dogs. Greyhounds are gentle, sensitive dogs attuned to their family’s moods and feelings.
  4. Greyhounds are funny and playful. Greyhounds make you laugh every day. In fact, many greyhounds actually smile!
  5. Greyhounds aren’t bred for conformity. They are bred for their temperament and ability to run, so they tend to be a very healthy breed.
  6. Greyhounds are intelligent. Greyhounds are very smart and have impeccable manners!
  7. Greyhounds are very clean. Greyhounds have short coats that require very little grooming
  8. Greyhounds have a rich history. Greyhounds were highly revered by ancient Egyptians and portrayed in Greek, Roman, and English literature.
  9. Greyhounds make great therapy dogs. Ex-racers receive excellent training, are people oriented, and are easy to teach new skills.
  10. Life is better with a Greyhound. Greyhounds are loyal companions who turn heads wherever you go!


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